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How to Make Facebook Politics Less Painful Using Behavioral Design

By Max Ogles

I made just one innocent political comment, and it practically started a war. The conversation quickly escalated until my conservative aunt Karen was yelling at Chris, a left-leaning friend from high school. Once Karen stopped yelling, Chris responded with a thoughtful, tempered response—except for the thinly-veiled Hitler reference at the end of it. In truth,Read more

Tech Insights from the World’s Best Criminal Rehab

By Max Ogles

Not long ago, The Huffington Post published some fascinating statistics about the U.S. prison population. The headline for the article blared, “America Has More Prisoners Than High School Teachers.” It’s no secret that the United States has a high rate of incarceration, not to mention a recidivism rate of nearly 60% for serious criminals. These stark facts put into perspectiveRead more

How To Save Your Startup From The “Spotlight Effect”

By Max Ogles

In the beginning of 2010, when daily deals site Groupon was really hitting its stride and copycat businesses were popping up left and right, a small startup called Yipit was just getting off the ground. Yipit was involved in daily deals, too, but rather than creating the deals itself, Yipit simply aggregated the deals offeredRead more