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How to Conquer Crappiness and Achieve Glory

This essay offers a peek into my upcoming workshop, How to Achieve Goals Using Psychology and Technology, which you can register for here.

In the small college town where I live, one summer job is the clear favorite among students: door-to-door sales. Hundreds of twenty-somethings leave every year to make their homes in Minnesota, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey—you name it—where they’ll peddle a product or service to local residents. The popular products are home security systems and pest control. The summer sales routine is an all-out assault, as the salespeople canvas neighborhoods one door at a time.

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The Secret to Creating Opportunity

Depending on your familiarity with the history of aviation, you may recognize the name of Thomas Selfridge; he bears the unfortunate distinction of “first person to die in an airplane crash.” This is his story.

Thomas Selfridge was a First Lieutenant in the United States Military and, in the year 1908, stood at the forefront of the ever-intriguing field of aviation. At the age of 25, he was a noted member of Aerial Experiment Association. He was one of the first to record a flight in Canada, and he had already designed his own aircraft, which he called Red Wing.

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4 Ways to Be Less Distracted by Technology

When technology comes up in a casual conversation with a friend—whether you’re discussing Pinterest, Netflix, or the newest OnePlus 2 smart phone—we often joke about just how bad the addiction has gotten. Lately, I haven’t even been sure if addiction is the right word. Sure, there are people with serious technology addictions, on the level of chemical dependence, but the majority of us have little more than a nagging habit, understated by the fact that we love our technology so much.

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The Simple iPhone Hack I Discovered to Achieve My Habit Goals

Last week I discovered a pretty amazing, simple way to track a habit on my phone—it’s a “habit hack” that has made a huge difference in my daily routine. Today I’m going to teach it to you. But first, some backstory. (Scroll down if just want the hack and not the background behind it.)

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Tech Habits that Will Make You Cringe (and How to Fix Them)

Last night I climbed into bed around 11:30 PM, plugged in my iPhone to charge and swiped to the home screen to find my favorite alarm clock app—Sleep Cycle. But before I could get to the app, I quickly opened Facebook to see if I had missed anything. One of my friend’s had just had a baby, so I liked her photo, then flipped through a few more.

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These 3 Apps Made Me Run a Stupid Marathon

Two years of junior high track and cross country were enough for me to put running for exercise on a ten-year hiatus. For me, running is painful, boring, lonely, inconvenient, and a long list of other negative adjectives. However, alongside this list, another list has steadily grown over the years: the reasons I need to improve my lifestyle. Here’s a snapshot:

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How to Stop Checking Your Phone Like an Addict

On December 16, 2013, a Taiwanese tourist was walking along St. Kilda pier in Melbourne, Australia. The pier offers a beautiful scenic view of the ocean, so I’d imagine many tourists have their cell phones out to take pictures. As expected, this female tourist had her phone out too, except she wasn’t saving precious memories–she was checking her Facebook newsfeed. She walked along the pier staring at her phone, and it was the distraction that did her in. KERPLOP. She fell right into the ocean.

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Should You Take Advice Like This?

There’s a serious problem with self-help—one that you’ve probably noticed. So what is this all-too-frequent problem? Let’s take a look, using the classical storytelling tradition of Aesop:

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